Wanna reduce weight: ‘yoga’ and ‘walking’ do the trick for women

You want to get back into shape and aspire to wear those clothes that you used to wear 10 years back when you were in college. You have tried those magical tea options, even tried weights and embraced aerobics, but that stubborn weight refuses to go. If you manage to shed it for some time, it soon comes back to haunt you. Crash diets options meet the same fate.

Injuries and pain
All the methods mentioned above, many times leave you with nagging pain and feeling of lethargy. If one is overweight, rigorous exercises often lead to wear and tear of ligaments and muscles. The pain could last for months in many cases.

Go easy on exercise, slowly build up the tempo
Follow this golden rule and you are most likely to get in shape, although it would take a bit longer than other methods. But this is not risky and the benefits won’t disappear easily.

You can start with a daily stroll at a time of your choosing. Don’t get into brisk walking straightway. Important thing is to enjoy the whole experience. Let your body get accustomed to the new physical demands. Slowly your muscles and joints will prepare themselves for the more strenuous work and you won’t feel the pain and real discomfort. You will enjoy the whole experience and you are more likely to stick to something that you enjoy.
There are many health benefits that walking brings but we are not discussing that here. We are simply trying to bring home the point that you need to go slow and let your whole body get ready for the change. Since this is a slow process, you are saved from any unnecessary injury.

Yoga brings flexibility and mobility
You can start with breathing exercises and basic yoga asanas. Again, this article doesn’t aim to teach you Yoga but to tell you how yoga is a great option to get back in shape. As your flexibility and stamina increases, go for tough asanas. If you are pregnant or planning to have a baby, yoga can do a miracle to help you remain fit before, during and after the child birth. If you want a good book on this subject then click the link below and purchase the book.

Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Celebrate attitudes of Mithali Raj, Harmanpreet Kaur

It's out in the stands..get your copies☺ppl.

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India skipper Mithali Raj has become the highest run-scorer in women’s international cricket. She is the only female cricketer to surpass the 6,000 run mark in ODIs. Another supremely talented cricketer Harmanpreet Kaur has recently scored unbeaten 171 during the ICC Women’s World Cup final.

Mithali Raj (age 34 years) is nicknamed “Tendulkar of Indian Women’s cricket”, though she maintains there is no comparison and women cricket is women cricket and has got its own identity. This speaks about the temperament and attitude of a woman who knows she can create a history of her own and don’t need to live up to the expectations of a patriarchal system.


Born to be wild, to be free…nobody owns ME 🤘

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The modern woman has changed her attitude. She loves her body and believes there is no need for her to conform to a particular ‘ramp-model’ body frame. Modern women enjoy being herself and she doesn’t need a certificate of being ‘ideal’ from the society. She has got an attitude and that makes her look attractive.

WomenPlusFashion has a message for all women out there: Love your body, love your shape. You are the best!!!

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